【国際経済学科】GCC(Global Communication Club)活動について、the Carbon Neutral Version(カーボンニュートラル版)

【国際経済学科】GCC(Global Communication Club)活動について、the Carbon Neutral Version(カーボンニュートラル版)

今回の学長室ブログでは、国際経済学科Bisset教授がGCC(Global Communication Club)の活動について紹介します(投稿と日本語訳は学長室ブログメンバーの白)。


The Global Communication Club is a collaboration between the International Center, the Department of International Economics, and the University Education Center that meets each Wednesday in 5th period in the Global Lounge of Building 1 to communicate (mostly) in English in an international atmosphere. It’s really relaxing and enjoyable, and open to any students, faculty, or staff at Fukuyama University. This year we have had students from the Faculties of Economics, Human Culture, Engineering, and Life Science and Biotechnology join us at various times. These students have come from Japan (from 8 different prefectures), China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Bulgaria.



The faculty involved in the group are Professor Hayakawa, Professor Bisset, Assistant Professor Driussi, and most recently Lecturer Waragai. Every week, students come to make friends, play games, talk about international culture, and eat snacks outside together. Often, the students vote on the activities they want to do on that day. Sometimes the group talks about movies or music or breaks into smaller groups or pairs to have smaller discussions. New members are always welcome, and regular attendance is not required. Some students come every week, others come once a month, and some students have a scheduling conflict one semester but can attend the next semester.



In addition to club activities in the Global Lounge, the faculty also have a “walking team” that walks from campus to Matsunaga station at the end of the day. Each year the professors have invited GCC students to join them on this walk, and many of the students join in the challenge. Once. Then the next week the students are happy to take the bus.



But something interesting happened this year: the next week after the walk, even *more* students wanted to join the “walking team”. Since then, every week at the end of GCC, we walk on one of four routes (“The River”, along the Hongo River; “The Dogs”, passed the 長波古墳; “The Forest”, beside 奥戸田 pond; or “The Hill”, through 高岩 park) to Matsunaga station while talking, communicating, exchanging ideas, and enjoying ourselves. Why are students continuing to walk this year? It’s an interesting question. Maybe Covid-19 has isolated all of us and we want to communicate with other humans in an outdoor atmosphere. Maybe these students just really like to walk. Maybe the students like walking and talking with more faculty members, as the group has grown from two professors to four. Maybe everyone at Fukuyama University wants to be carbon neutral!

しかし、今年は興味深いことに、「ウォーキング」の活動に参加した後、「ウォーキングチーム」希望の学生が増えました。そのため、毎週GCC活動の後、私たちは四つのルート(The River:本郷川、The Dogs:長波古墳を過ぎて、The Forest:奥戸田池の隣、The Hill:高岩公園を通って)を歩いています。松永駅まで歩きながら話・コミュニケーションをしたり、意見を交換したり、楽しい時間を過ごしています。なぜ、この学生たちは歩き続けているのでしょうか?これは興味深い質問です。恐らく新型コロナウイルス感染症が、私たちを孤立させたのかもしれないですし、屋外の雰囲気の中で他の人とコミュニケーションを取りたいと思ったからかもしれません。この学生たちは歩くのが大好きで、教員が2名から4名に増えたので、もっと多くの教職員と一緒に歩きながら話したいかもしれません。あるいは、福山大学のみんながカーボンニュートラルを実践したいのかも!


We asked students two questions about the GCC. Here are some of their answers:



“What is the GCC to you?”  あなたにとってGCCとは何ですか?

  • Cultural experience, competition games, dancing, drama, making friends, drinking tea, learning about other countries
    • 文化体験、ゲーム、ダンス、ドラマ、友達作り、お茶を飲む、他の国について学ぶ
  • International and local students can communicate and exchange culture
    • 留学生と日本の学生が話し合って、文化を交流することができる
  • A time where we can both relax and feel challenged at the same time
    • 私たちがリラックスしながら挑戦できる時間


“Why do you walk from campus to Matsunaga station?” なぜ、キャンパスから松永駅まで歩くのですか?

  • Healthy to walk, nice to have more chance to talk with friends, it’s nice to walk together
    • 歩くのは健康的で、友達と話す機会が増えて嬉しいです、一緒に歩くのが楽しいです
  • Because it has become tradition!
    • 歩きが伝統になったからです!
  • There is a beautiful landscape around Fukuyama University
    • 福山大学周辺には美しい風景が広がっています
  • Fresh air
    • 新鮮な空気


For the final event of the year, we went on an English Ice-Skating night at Fukuyama Memorial Park. It was cold, but we all had a lot of fun.

今年の最後のイベントとして、私たちは福山記念公園で「英語のアイススケート」の夜を過ごしました。 寒かったですが、みんなでとても楽しかったです。