「『Small Carnivores:小さな食肉類』の刊行」のプレスリリースについて


Wiley-Blackwell社より『Small Carnivores: Evolution, Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation(小さな食肉類:進化、生態、行動、保全)』が刊行されました。世界の食肉類を研究対象とする大学院生および研究者の皆さんを対象とした本です。本学生命工学部生物工学科の佐藤教授が第1章と第2章の著者、および第2部の編集者となりました。



以下、Wiley Blackwell社のHPと目次になります。




Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1 The World’s Small Carnivores Definitions, Richness, Distribution, Conservation Status, Ecological Roles, and Research Efforts


Part II: Evolution, Systematics and Distribution

Chapter 2 Molecular Systematics of the Caniform Carnivora and its Implications for Conservation

Chapter 3 Systematics and Evolution of the Mongooses (Herpestidae, Carnivora)

Chapter 4 Late Quaternary Biogeography of Small Carnivores in Europe

Chapter 5 Ecomorphological Disparity of Small Carnivore Guilds

Chapter 6 Beyond Black and White: Addressing Colour Variation in the Context of Local Environmental Conditions for the Aposematic American Hog-nosed Skunk


Part III: Ecology, Behaviour, and Diseases

Chaper 7 The function of Carnivore Latrines: Review, Case Studies, and a Research Framework for Hypothesis- Testing

Chaper 8 Factors Affecting European Badger Movement Lengths and Propensity: Evidence of Density-Dependent Effects?

Chapter 9 Behavioural Adaptations of Molina’s Hog-Nosed Skunk to the Conversion of Natural Grasslands into Croplands in the Argentine Pampas

Chapter 10 Activity and Movement Patterns of Urban Stone Martens

Chapter 11 A 9-Year Demographic and Health Survey of a European Mink Population in Navarre (Spain): Role of the Canine Distemper Virus

Chapter 12 Density of African Civets in a Moist Mountain Bushveld Region of South Africa


Part IV: Interspecific Interactions and Community Ecology

Chapter 13 Spatio-Temporal Overlap Between a Native and an Exotic Carnivore in Madagascar: Evidence of Spatial Exclusion

Chapter 14 Colonization of Agricultural Landscapes by the Pine Marten: Influence of Habitat Constraints and Interspecific Competition

Chapter 15 Spatial and Temporal Resource Partitioning of Small Carnivores in the African Rainforest: Implications for Conservation and Management

Chapter 16 Ecological Separation and Coexistence in a Carnivore Community in North-Central Thailand

Chapter 17 Interactions Between Honey Badgers and Other Predators in the Southern Kalahari: Intraguild Predation and Facilitation

Chapter 18 Seed Dispersal by Mesocarnivores Importance and Functional Uniqueness in a Changing World

Chapter 19 Ecology and Conservation of Southeast Asian Civets (Viverridae) and Mongooses (Herpestidae)


Part V: Interactions with People and Conservation

Chapter 20 Small Carnivore Introductions Ecological and Biological Correlates of Success

Chapter 21 Global Review of the Effects of Small Carnivores on Threatened Species

Chapter 22 The Global Consumptive Use of Small Carnivores Social, Cultural, Religious, Economic, and Subsistence Trends from Prehistoric to Modern Times

Chapter 23 Conservation Status of the North American River Otter in the United States and Canada Assessing Management Practices and Public Perceptions of the Species